Sushrut Consultant Healthcare Technology

Sushrut Consultant HealthCare Technology PACS,DICOM,HL7,IHE,VNA

About Arogya Sena's Free Web diagnosis System
. Sushrut Online diagnosis enables Hospitals, Pathological Labs and Clinics to store and retrieve Patient data (Diagnosis Reports, CT, MR scan images) from a central system It provides free storage of and convenient access to, patient images from multiple modalities using World Wide Web.

How Sushrut will help?

  • System will help Doctors for diagnosis as doctor can view patient reports without any hassle of transportation.
  • Patient will not need to carry data for duration, which will eliminate loss of report as it was earlier caused by personal negligence.
  • Remote diagnosis is possible as Patient don’t need to carry reports, CT images etc. to the Doctor. (Very important for patient in rural area where specialist Doctors not available)
  • Very easy to use system available in multiple languages.

Component of Sushrut (Follow Links to see)

  • Sushrut DICOM server this will act as online PACS server which will store the DICOM images and provide facility to view the images online.

  • Sushrut DICOM toolkit will be useful to PACS admin to upload or download DICOM images for reference to doctors for diagnosis.

  • Simple DICOM image transfer utility provided to Patient or Pathological lab to upload images for diagnosis.